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When Cassie’s health quickly declined amidst the trauma of Breanna’s passing, I was thrown very much off balance. Losing both of them so close together left me feeling untethered and lonely. I wasn’t alone, at any point, mind you, but two of the spirits closest to me were suddenly gone without warning. I knew that the absence of Breanna would haunt me, but I was unprepared for the emptiness that Cassie’s loss would cause. I hadn’t been without a cat for most of my life, and both of my previous cats spent most of their time in my room with me, so even my refuge felt cold and uninviting.

I resolved to get a new cat as soon as possible. And I’ve always dreamt of having an all-black cat. I’ve been a witch for 25 years, I felt it was my time.

So, I started checking out the shelters nearby, and my friend Katrina put me on to a potential match in Fresno. I filled out the adoption application, got approved, and went to pick up my girl.

On the listing, she was described as shy, almost to the point of having special needs. However, within days, she was purring and making biscuits and slow blinking and cuddling. I’m still getting to know her personality, so I don’t know who she is or what she likes yet. But I do know she is smart as a whip, very affectionate, and a flyer.

If you’d like to know where her name came from, check out this Facebook post.

I’m debating starting an Instagram page for her, what do you think?

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