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Why hello, travelers! Welcome to my Freebies page!

So much happens in the world of the Beanseller Saga, I can’t possibly fit it all into novel-length books without adding hundreds and hundreds of extra pages and distracting from the main plotlines. So, I devised a place where I can tell all the stories that didn’t make it into the books, and give you guys some insights into what is happening before, around, and because of the events in the novels.

These are the quiet but impactful moments, the butterfly wings, if you will, the backstories, behind-the-scenes of the Beanseller Saga. In these pages, characters are introduced and fleshed out, stories alluded to in the novels are explained, and Johanne shows her worth (she would seem a bit out of place on the road with Alois and Sulat, don’t you think?)

But these gifts come with a warning, fair traveler. Most of these will spoil events in the novels–and also inform event in future novels–, so do consider reading them in order, and only after reading MAGIC BEANS and GOLDEN.



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