Avon Van Hassel

Building Worlds and Filling Them With Magic

Think you know the story of Jack and the Beanstalk? You’ve only heard Jack’s side, and there’s so much more.

My debut novel, hopefully published later this year, is a retelling of that old tale from the perspective of the beanseller, a veteran-turned-thief named Alois. When he and his partner, Sulat, are hired by their usual employer to steal a magic ladder from a couple of giants who live on top of a cloud, they assume it’s the weirdest and most impossible thing they’ve ever had to do in a career full of pretty weird stuff. After all, they steal almost exclusively magic items. But very quickly, the quest gets out of hand, even threatening the woman Alois loves before they decide to see who their boss works for. From then one, no one involved will ever be the same.

Magic Beans has more twists and turns than the beanstalks, and features a diverse and colorful cast of fairy tale characters, as well as magic items, fantasy creatures, and historical details galore. If you love history, adventure, sarcasm, strong female leads, fantasy magic, and more, keep an eye on this space.

The sequel, Golden, is also finishing up its edits and will be following shortly, and the series of novellas that run between Golden and Book Three, Siren Song, will be published on this website, exclusively for mailing list subscribers. So be sure to get on the mailing list!

To get a free copy of Chapter One, please follow this link!

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