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This is a little silly, but we introverts really do benefit from having fuzzy little companions around when we’re trying to block out the stress of the day and be creative.

Cassie and her two littermates were born in our pool shed on June 6, 2009, to a stray we’d been feeding. We brought them inside when they started crawling around and getting a little too curious about the direction the cooler air was coming from, and without their eyes open, we were afraid they’d wander into the pool.

On March 1, 2023, we found a large and aggressive tumour connected to her liver, and I had to make the choice not to prolong her discomfort.

She was a very sweet girl, and was perfectly happy to stay curled up against me in the worst possible places (even better if I got leg cramps) for hours and just purr.  She enjoyed catnip and her Minnie Mouse toy I got her from Disneyland, but she was terrified witless of pretty much everything else.

I even made her a lil Instagram page:

It’s a Good Day For Cassie.

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